Hunting for the Northern Lights




Small Group Northern Lights Hunt with Arctic Adventure Tours


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1 450 NOK

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7-8 hours

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    • Northern Lights Hunting
    • Photos from the tour

Full description


    ✓ Photos from the tour
    ✓ Tripods and assistance with your camera
    ✓ Local drivers
    ✓ USB charging ports
    ✓ Multilingual DVD presentation
    ✓ Guiding
    ✓ Winter suit and boots
    ✓ Hot drinks
    ✓ A hot meal
    ✓ Cookies
    ✓ Fire snacks to grill
    ✓ Drop off at your accommodation (for guests staying on Tromsø island)
    Bring your passport – our chase could take us into Finland

Meeting point

    Arctic Adventure Centre (Storgata 78)

Tromsø is one of the best places in the world to watch the Arctic lights that consists of a varity of colour spectre. And it starts already now! In Tromso and the Northern Norway you can watch the burning autumn sunsets in August, September and October together with the amazing Northern lights.

As the night grows d

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