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We want to share our passion for the Arctic by offering our guests authentic experiences. We support local communities and environment by donating up to 20% of each booking to charities.
— Our story

We started as a Sami and reindeer experience in Northern Norway and have taken the Sami values of working with nature, protecting the nature and leaving the nature to support the next generation.

We learned that travel and tourism when done right can be a great tool for ensuring our worlds best places are kept pristine whilst also helping the traveler to learn about the culture and the area and develop themselves. We have taken this experience and knowledge and are now offering tours across Scandinavia in our own unique Sami way. 

— How we work

Highest-ranked tours.

We only offer tours which have continually received 5-star reviews from their guests. 


Price guarantee.


We guarantee the most competitive prices in the market.​ Customer satisfaction and value for money are essential for us.

Donations of up to 20% of every booking.


We donate up to 20% of every booking directly to local nature, environment, wildlife or cultural charities.


Secure payment & free cancellation.


We offer a secure payment channel. We also give the option for a full refund as long as you provide a cancellation notice by the time given in each tour description. 




All our tours are committed to low environmental and ecological impact. Currently, we are working on an eco rating system to keep our guests informed about the environmental status of our tours.

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