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The Whale and the Icelandic Horse


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19990 ISK

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5 hours
(Approximately 3 hours whale watching and 2 hours horse riding.)


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• Whale Watching experience
• Icelandic Horse riding experience

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Experience the combination of traditional whale watching and the Icelandic horse. Explore the countryside close to Húsavík on an Icelandic horse with experienced riders at your side. The riding trip begins in Saltvík, which is just four minutes by car from Húsavík harbour and can be taken either before or after your whale watching tour.


✓ A specialized guide,
✓ light refreshments (hot chocolate and an Icelandic traditional twisted donut, kleina)
✓ warm overalls and raincoats if needed during the whale watching tour.

Meeting point

Gentle Giants Ticket Center, Hafnarstétt, Húsavík IS

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